The mini Standard is the entry-level desktop creasing machine within our mini range– perfect for low volume, short run creasing and micro-perforating

Our intentionally low-tech design is cost-effective because there are no motors, complicated electronics or software.

To use the Mini Standard you simply need a sample of the paper stock. The paper caliper instantly sets the correct pressure, and the machine then maintains 100% accuracy for the entire run. Once the paper guides are set you can hand-feed without any hassle or alignment problems. Just turn the rotary handle to advance sheets through the tooling shafts and you’ll get a perfect crease or perforation every time – with no cracking.

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  • At 1,000 sheets per hour, it’s three times faster than low-end handle or foot pedal creasers
  • Easy to set and operate
  • Quickly change from one stock weight to another
  • Comes with two tools as standard – so you can do multiple creases or crease and perforate at the same time
  • No electrical input makes for low environmental impact

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