The Mini Auto-feed is the perfect piece of print finishing equipment for businesses that produce both short and high volume production runs.

This is the next level of automation – making the CreaseStream Mini Auto-feed the easiest creaser to operate. Just set the tools, press the button and you’ll get up to 4,000 sheets of perfectly creased paper per hour.

The Mini Auto-feed uses our unique sheet separator, which allows single sheets to be processed with unmatched accuracy and precision. It eliminates any trace of fiber cracking even with sensitively printed digital stocks.

The ultimate desktop digital creasing and micro-perforating machine, the Mini Auto-feed gives you the flexibility to produce a number of applications faster, more efficiently and at a better quality.

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  • Processes up to 4,000 sheets per hour, keeping up with your press no matter how many creases you need
  • Fully automated, making it the easiest creaser to operate
  • Exceptional versatility in handling various production volumes and applications
  • Comes with two tools as standard – so you can do multiple creases or crease and perforate at the same time
  • Single phase electrical plug-in, no vacuum pump and no noise

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