No installation engineer required – Our interactive video card instruction guide takes you through every simple step, saving you hundreds of pounds in set-up fees.

Unlike most creasing machines, our three CreaseStream Mini’s do not require an engineer or technician to install them. You save hundreds of pounds by doing it yourself, and it is so simple.

Our revolutionary instant play video card guides you through every simple step, from unpacking the unit to setting your first job. It even includes a trouble-shooting guide.

The video card, found inside the packaging, really makes setting so easy and straight forward. All you need to do is open up the cover and it starts to play instantly. No need for internet connection or computer plug-in, the video card operates using a battery which is only activated whilst the card is open (battery life is 2 hours, and can be recharged using a USB lead connection into a laptop/computer if required).

Why not watch our video just to see how clever it is and how easy it could make being the owner of a CreaseStream Mini machine?

  • No expensive installation engineer required – Save yourself hundreds of pounds when buying any of the three CreaseStream
  • Mini machines by not having to pay an installation fee
  • No complicated instruction manual – Our simple video card helps you become a creasing expert in less than 10 minutes
  • No production headaches – The interactive trouble-shooting guide helps you avoid problems so you can focus on uninterrupted quality output, job after job, day after day

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