What stock dimensions does it accept?

Minimum sheet format is 80mm width x 120mm length. Maximum sheet format is 520mm width x 520mm length.

What kinds of stock can I run?

The CreaseStream Mini series is extremely versatile. Our machines can feed, crease and perforate stocks from 65 to 350gsm, including some plastics: our deep score method creates a strong crease that makes it easy to fold the material.

What stock dimensions does it accept?

Minimum sheet format is 80mm width x 120mm length. Maximum sheet format is 520mm width x 520mm length.

How big are CreaseStream machines?

All our machines have a small footprint, so they fit anywhere. Dimensions are 830mm length x 750mm width x 200mm height. Weight (standard version) is 24kg.

How many sheets per hour can I produce?

The Card Creaser and mini Standard can process between 1,000 and 2,000 sheets per hour, the mini Quick-Feed processes up to 3,000 sheets per hour, the mini Auto-Feed processes up to 4,000 sheets per hour and the Pro processes up to 18,000 sheets per hour.

Is there any maintenance required?

Our machines don’t require maintenance. All you need to do is wipe them down and keep them dust free – especially the 25mm shafts and the feeding belt. This ensures that the tools slide freely and insert easily into the bushings, and that stock feeds smoothly.

How do your machines prevent cracking?

Our patented rotary technology features a soft creasing rib that gently stretches stock fibers to produce a U-shaped groove. It’s the only approach that achieves the high quality of the proven letterpress method.

Can I use a CreaseStream Mini as a perforating machine?

Yes, you can add an optional micro-perforator to your Mini, making it a creasing and perforating machine in the same pass.

Rotary perforating machines can be rough. What makes your solution different?

We spent two years perfecting our micro-perforating application so we could guarantee excellent quality. In fact, our micro-perforation is almost invisible, and is of such quality that the finished sheet can run through laser printers.
Basically, we apply the perforating blade on top of a special nylon anvil. This way the teeth of the blade kiss-cut the sheet and only slightly penetrate the nylon anvil, giving you a flatter result.

The standard blades are specially manufactured because they’re so fine – 17, 25 and 52 teeth per inch depending on the version of machine you order. It’s easy to add this precision tool to turn any CreaseStream Mini into a perforating machine.

How long does it take to set up the machine for the first time?

CreaseStream machines are designed to work straight out of the box. Set-up is easy thanks to our popular video tutorials. The slim, instant-play video card comes loaded with step-by-step instructions and common troubleshooting tips.

How long does it take to set up jobs?

It typically takes only a few minutes to set up jobs requiring only one or two creases. Mini machines feature an accurate sheet guidance system, with easy-to-set guides extending directly to the creasing shafts so unskilled staff can achieve a precise crease every time.

What tools are included with the machine?

Each machine comes with a choice of two tools as standard. You can choose from a set of two creasing tools, or have it delivered as a creasing and micro-perforating machine fitted with one of each device. You can add more applications at any time.

Can I make two creases at the same time?

Yes, versatility is where CreaseStream machines stand out. With our rotary technology it’s easy to run multiple applications in one pass. You don’t have to waste time re-feeding or switching components because you can crease and perforate – or create more than one crease – simultaneously.

What is the minimum distance between two creases?


How long do the creasing ribs last?

An extremely long time – up to one million impressions. If you need a replacement you can buy them for only £12 each.

Can I use my CreaseStream as a cutting machine?

We are currently developing cutting options and hope to make them available soon. If you are interested in a cutting machine contact us to discuss your requirements.

With which machines are the Tri-Creaser Fast Fit and Micro-Perf & Cut Multi-Tool compatible?

The Tri-Crease Fast Fit is compatible with: Heidelberg/Stahl, MBO, Horizon, Herzog & Heymann, GUK, MB, Shoei, Rollem, Rosback, Agor, Morgana and Baumfolder.

The Micro-Perf & Cut Multi-Tool fits: Heidelberg/Stahl, MBO, Horizon, Herzog & Heymann, GUK, MB, Shoei, Agor and Baumfolder.

If your machine manufacturer is not listed please contact us and we will see if we have a device available to suit your needs.

What is the standard payback period for CreaseStream Mini machines?

It depends on your production runs and creasing requirements, but most of our customers achieve a return on their investment within one year.

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer a 12-month warranty as standard.

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