Card Creasers - CreaseStream is simple, fast and versatile

Printers face two big difficulties when it comes time to crease and perforate: it slows production and cracking is a real threat.

CreaseStream is an award-winning solution to these critical production problems. For the first time, low and medium volume printers can achieve flawless, accurate creasing every time, thanks to our amazingly versatile creasing and micro-perforating machine.

Set up is easy thanks to our popular video tutorials. The slim, instant-play video card comes loaded with step-by-step instructions and common troubleshooting tips. You can rewind, fast forward, pause and replay with ease – no computers or DVD players required.

  • Set up jobs in just a few minutes
  • Easily achieve consistent accuracy
  • Keep up with your press for all production volumes and stock types
  • Perfect finishing even on certain plastic stocks
  • Crease and perforate in one pass
  • Process 65-350gsm without cracking
  • All machine come with a full 3 month money back guarantee
  • Easily add trimming and slitting to your processes

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